Pippin Prep™ System (includes instrument and monitor)
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The Pippin Prep™ System is a small tabletop instrument that automates the size selection and collection of DNA for PGM™ sequencer libraries. Simply enter the desired base-pair target range via the software interface and after a 1.5 hr run the system will yield the programmed DNA fractions with virtually no low molecular weight contamination. The tight fragment size distributions obtained provide a more uniform template for amplification. And the processing of samples is simplified through the use of disposable pre-cast agarose gel cassettes.

Benefits of the Pippin Prep™ System

• Time savings compared to other methods
• Reproducible extractions offer more consistent results
• Narrow fragment size distributions permit more uniform colonies
• Minimal low molecular weight contamination reduce wasted colonies
• Individual sample channels minimize sample cross-contamination

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