Diagenode™ Bioruptor® Pico Ultrasonicator
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The Diagenode™ Bioruptor® Pico Ultrasonicator is an all-in-one shearing system optimized for shearing volumes as small as 5 µL up to 2 mL. This wide range enables a variety of applications such as DNA shearing for next-generation-sequencing library preparation, RNA shearing, and chromatin shearing. Shearing is a critical step in next-generation-sequencing library preparation, chromatin immunoprecipitation, and ChIP-seq.

Key Product Features:

• All-in-one solution with advanced timing control and regulated cooling
• Versatile—shears sample sizes from 5 µL–2 mL
• Wide range of applications: next-gen sequencing (5–100 µL), chromatin shearing (10 µL–2 mL), RNA shearing
• Higher throughput—simultaneous sonication of 6–12 samples

All Bioruptor® ultrasonicator devices are engineered to deliver highly-controlled ultrasonic energy to biological or chemical samples using Adaptive Cavitation Technology (ACT). ACT is a non-contact, parallel-processing, isothermal technology that is effective for shearing both chromatin and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). The Bioruptor® instruments are the most cited shearing devices in the epigenetic and next-generation sequencing communities with over 900 citations in peer-reviewed journals. These instruments provide processing performance and recovery unmatched by any other sample preparation methodology. ACT allows the standardization of sample prep for a range of applications, including DNA shearing for next-generation sequencing, chromatin shearing, nucleic acid or protein extraction, cell lysis, and nanotube generation.

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