Ion Chip™ Minifuge, 120 V
Product Code: 4479672

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The personal-sized Ion Chip™ MiniFuge is designed and calibrated specifically for centrifugation of Ion PGM™/Ion Proton™ chips, enabling effective and efficient sample loading. The MiniFuge features a compact design with a small footprint. The cylindrical shape of the Ion Chip™ Minifuge allows it to accommodate both the Ion PGM™ and the larger Ion Proton™ chips. The unit quickly accelerates to maximum speed and stops quickly.

• Tested and validated by Ion Torrent
• Spins Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ chips, enabling effective and efficient sample loading
• Small footprint, compact design

The Ion Chip™ Minifuge is supplied with one Ion PGM™ rotor and two Ion PGM™ chip buckets. An Ion Proton™ rotor and chip buckets are not included with this unit, but are included with the Ion Proton™ System and installed in the MiniFuge by the field service engineer at the time of system installation.

The Ion Chip™ Minifuge features an on/off power switch for basic operational control. With the switch in the "on" position, the rotor starts spinning when the transparent lid is closed. The rotor will stop spinning when the lid release button is pressed. The Ion Chip™ Minifuge requires less than six square inches of bench space.

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