Ion Chef™ Instrument
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The Ion Chef™ System* is the next generation of workflow simplification products for the Ion Proton™ and Ion PGM™ systems. The Ion Chef™ System provides automated, high-throughput template preparation and reproducible chip loading for users at any experience level. With typically less than 15 minutes of hands-on time, an intuitive touch-screen interface, and significantly higher productivity than the Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, the Ion Chef™ System makes the Ion Torrent™ sequencing workflow accessible for every lab.

The Ion Chef™ System: 

• Simplifies the workflow
• Minimizes sources of user-introduced variability
• Helps to save time and labor
• Supports sequencing preparation for the Ion PGM™ and Proton™ systems and chips*

The Ion Chef™ System features: 

• Automated template preparation and chip loading
• Cartridge-based reagent system
• Sample- and reagent-tracking capability
• Intuitive user interface
• On-board diagnostics

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