Ion Proton™ System
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The Ion Proton™ System is the first benchtop sequencing system capable of human-scale genome, exome, or transcriptome sequencing in a few hours—with DNA-to-variants called in a single day.

The system combines semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data. By leveraging the exponential improvements in the semiconductor industry (known as Moore’s Law), the Ion Proton™ Sequencing System provides an unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility to support a broad range of high throughput sequencing applications, ranging from human-scale genome to exome to transcriptome sequencing. The system’s use of the simplest natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for expensive optics and complex sequencing chemistries, resulting in a highly affordable sequencing system to own and operate. Real-time, direct, electrical detection of sequencing, combined with the enormous amount of computing power in both the Ion Proton™ Sequencer and Ion Proton™ Torrent Server, enables generation of high quality sequencing results from DNA library to variants in a single day

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